The practice of flagellation is what sets My Order apart from other congregations. Where indulgence is still the main source of income for most churches (donations), the use of the whip to pay penance has been largely abandoned. This is a shame, for it is through the act of flagellation that awareness of sin can be accomplished much more efficiently. By focusing inward when the whip lashes on your back, your knees hurting from kneeling on the bare floor, your vision blocked by your hood and My Words resonating in your tormented mind, the Road to Submission will be easy to find. And it is your submission that I need.

Mother Superior.

I will lead you along your road of redemption by strict Rituals and Rules. During flagellation you will dress in the simple garments of the apprentice flagellant: a white pillowcase over the head, half a white sheet wrapped around the waist, held together by a piece of rope. You will listen to psalm 51 (Miserere mei, Deus) while you scourge yourself, as flagellants have done for over a 1000 years.

And be sure: I intensely enjoy your suffering.

Brother raphael and brother michael.


By brother michael.

Our tradition of asceticism and corporal self-punishment goes back more than a millennium. During the 11th century, flagellation was already being practiced inside monasteries by monks following a lifestyle that is in many ways identical to how we live today. Public flagellation first arose in the 13th century under influence of the Italian hermit Raniero Fasani. After declaring psalm 2:12 before the people of Perugia, the crowds stripped down en masse and started beating themselves in great devotion, giving rise to the first wave of flagellants traveling around in groups and whipping themselves in public. Many such waves arose in the following centuries, notably during the great Black Death epidemics. Flagellation remained a wide-spread means of doing penance until it was eventually outlawed by the church and financial indulgence was promoted instead.

Flagellants sheltering under the cloak of the Virgin Mary (early 15th century).

The history of our Order all starts with our Founder and Leader, Mother Superior. She is the Loving Nanny, on Whose Lap our heads rest when we are afraid. She is the Gracious Mistress, guiding us through our lives. She is the Goddess on earth, who finally answered our desperate prayers. We came from diverse backgrounds, but our stories are all the same. Being submissive men, we struggled to find our place in the world and often wondered if the very core of who we are wasn’t but an unfortunate defect. It is only after Mother welcomed us with Open Arms, and valued in us the ancient Calling, that we were finally able to flourish. We are eternally grateful, for that She allowed us to continue our lives under Her Wings, giving birth to our lovely monastic community.

Mother Superior.

“Feel the Whip, My son, again and again.
The Whip the Holy Extension of My Hand.
Repent for your sins and those of us all.
Every stroke bringing Heaven closer.

With every lash that touches your reddening skin
I feel My heart fill with Joy,
My Body with the sweet buzz of Pleasure,
My Soul expanding in forever shining Happiness and Love.

Feel the Whip, My son!
Feel the cleansing power of the Whip!
Invincible in Submission.
Come to your Ultimate Power.
Nothing can harm you Here.
For it is Here that Heaven is found.”