Good Friday

God loves you for the road you chose.
His Own Son became our Voice for God through a similar road.
Nailed to the cross, in unimaginable pain,
He reached the Ultimate Submission.
Being the example for us all, till time will end.
In His moment of Perfect Submission was Heaven found and death forever overcome.

Now God waits for you, My son, for your submission.
Not because He enjoys your suffering,
But because it brings you back to Him. To Love.

Ode to the whip

Aah, what pleasure!
The sound of dead skin lashing its lively opponent!
The dead skin coming alive by movement,
the living skin holding its breath.

Together they dance where realities meet.
Together they dance at the Gates of Heaven,
surrounded by angels cheering.
What pleasure the sound!

Stairway to Heaven

One of my monks confessed to having sinful thoughts on the train. His eyes were drawn to the legs of the lady in front of him. She wore silk stockings under a skirt that could barely cover her thighs. On the inside of her left leg, a ladder crept up. Like the train moving through the landscape, ever closer to its destination, the ladder sought its way up. Springing at the ankle it crept up the ladies leg, following her beautifully curved calf, passing her perfect knee.. A little further with every movement.. rung by rung.. step by step towards the Hidden Treasure of Womanhood.

I need you to think about this, while flagellating this week. I need you to whip yourself while imagining shrinking to the proportions of the ladder. A tiny creature kneeling at My feet reaching up to the bottom step. The steps of the ladder are like the steps of the Stairway to Heaven. Every rung bringing you closer to Bliss, but never easy to climb.


A blessed Christmas, My son. Welcome to the Monastery of Mercy.

The birth of Christ is the birth of innocence. The innocence from which all of us came And to which we must all return.

I chose this moment for the birth of this website, to open the virtual doors to My Monastery. That this may be the beginning of the Holy Year in which we reclaim our innocence.

Embrace your sins, My son. And joyfully erase them by flogging your way into the Light!