“In Pain is Heaven found.”

You there. Yes, you!

Hiding behind your laptop, full of shame. Afraid to be found out. Curtains closed. Your little wiener twitching from the images on your screen.

Year after year you have been hiding your true self. Hiding from everyone. Even from yourself. You had to be a real man. Dominant and strong. No woman would want you if she knew who you really are. You want to cry out sometimes: “Love me! Accept me as the miserable being i know i am! Let me crawl before You! Allow me to serve and please You! Please let me be Your slave.”

Relax now, My child. It is okay. You no longer have to hide. You have found Me. God knew what He was doing when He created you. Your squirmy slutty submission is not a mistake, but a beautiful and sacred gift. To deny that would be a capital sin.

For a slutty creature like you, True Happiness lies in complete surrender. Lower and lower you need to go. Deeper and deeper. I can help you with that. Submit to Me and I will lead you on the beautiful and painful way down. Down to your true self.

I am Mother Superior. Domina and Nun. I give Guidance at a distance to those who wish to discover and deepen their true nature of humility and perversion, through humiliation, worship and punishment.

All you have to do is focus on Me. On My Words and Commands. My Will and My Desires. Your highest purpose is to please Me. You will serve Me. And suffer for Me.

So come to Me, My son, and confess.
Get down on your knees and beg.
Beg for My Attention and express your deepest gratitude.
Ofcourse you also show your longing and gratitude with a first gift.

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I am awaiting you.


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